Monday, September 22, 2003

ruby kisses, sapphire sky

she cycles through the silent darkness, her legs bare; her left hand reprimands the flimsy fabric of her skirt, modestly, though the road is empty.
the neon of the shops and snack bars and amusement halls glows through the street and onto the nightwater, curving toward midnight, washing her face in brilliance: red, becoming blue, shimmering into brilliant violet. try as it might, it cannot reach the other side.
the season is nearly at an end.
it has been a summer of light and shadow, blackness and irrepressible colour: much, she reflects, like this long and familiar path homeward.

*the title was borrowed from jenny bruce's amazing debut cd. her second - "heart on fire" - was equally beautiful, and her third is on it's way. it's worth watching out for.