Sunday, September 21, 2003

knit one, purl one

that which she sees chooses to be seen.
somber sways to spectacle, and swings back soulward.
brilliance bows to monochrome, and then, as obstinate as optimism, reasserts itself.
it sounds suspiciously like balance.
it doesn't feel that way.
at all.


  1. Until just a couple of years ago, I thought it was balance that I needed. Then I realised that balance is not a straight line ... it is the highs and it is the lows which comes together in my own mind as some sort of cobbled together equilibrium. I am now prepared to cope with the black holes because I have given myself permission to enjoy the highs.

  2. You always seem to find the most interesting textures.

  3. lynn i have been away from here far too long, you have been posting some beautiful stuff!
    balance is a major theme in my life, one of the better ones. but it is always precarious at best:)

  4. beautifull work on your blog. this one brings me back to a beatles soung ...