Sunday, September 28, 2003

home and away

in suitcase:
two changes of clothes, all black for convenience. check. pyjamas. check. undergarments. check. warm cardigan, just in case. check. two books. check. toiletries, and half a dozen lovely little samples i've been hoarding (this way, if it turns out i'm allergic, there will be no witnesses). check. battery chargers. check. notebook and mini-thesaurus. check. earplugs? will i need them? i certainly hope not. well. maybe just to be sure. check. and several pairs of earrings in a tiny drawstring bag, because i can never decide which ones i'll feel like. check.
in shoulder-bag:
cameras. check. cf cards. check. public-transport schedules, small map of noordwijk, tourist info on den haag and leiden. check. wallet and gsm. check. spare spectacles. check. umbrella, which will hopefully remain folded, though judging by today...check.
i do believe i'm all set.