Friday, January 2, 2004

a vision now and then

i must admit:
i'm not a new year's eve kind of person.
i go all retrospective, and introspective, every december the 31st.
and i detest fireworks.
(this year i cringe, as always, at the noise of every explosion, but i also feel in my heart that the fortune spent filling the night sky with cacophony and colour could have made a small but significant difference, say, in the lives of those made homeless by the earthquake in iran.)
but that said...
it's 2004: a fresh slate, a new beginning, another magic round on the carrousel of life.
i wish you a year of peace and fulfillment, of happiness and good health. of brightness. of compassion. least a year. at LEAST.


  1. Me so too lynn ... I be not a NYE person ... I cringe when I see a line of drunken faces all wishing me a happy 2004 ... Private fireworks are illegal here so we endeavour to compensate by condoning the State spending millions ... judging by the crowds it probably rakes in as much as it invests.
    Of all those things you are wishing a year would be just dandy ... a week would even suffice ...

  2. Lynn, I wish you a peaceful and healthy New Year. May all of your dreams come true.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    me so too ... This picture is a good motto for the new year, very nice.
    I wish you a very good and successful new year with much of confidence and always a wonderful world through your lens. And carry on with your work!

  4. Can't agree with you there. I LOVE fireworks.
    Happy New Year to ya!

  5. Can I just say that you are amazing? :) Thank you for your continued inspiration and art. I am so thankful for you and your page ;)

  6. I tried it, once again, and no - I join your club of the 'no new year for me people'
    The moment we forgot it was new-year it suddenly was a lot better - have a great year, Lynn

  7. Same here, new year's eve isn't for me. But I survived another one, and new year's day was sunny and full of fresh air. Here we go again!