Monday, January 26, 2004

by the notion of her eye

any kid who has two parents who are interested in him and has a houseful of books isn't poor.
sam levenson (1911 - 1980) u.s. humorist, author

i don't tend to lose faith, at least not for long. i believe in happy endings.
in august, and in september, i was GRIPPED by misery. it faded. it didn't disappear, but it faded.
my daughter, though, is despairing ever-so-slightly. she's trying to sell off the less memorable of her chick-lit books - shortage of funds, y'see.
perhaps you crave a little literary fluff for these cold winter nights?
and take a look at her new photo site while you're at it. she's a natural.


  1. Your daughter has a nice site! Makes you wonder whether photography is hereditary. The books are not entirely my cup of tea though...

  2. do you and your daughter go out taking photos together? must be fun...

  3. You capture the most wonderful things in photos - so many things that most people wouldn't even notice. Or things that wouldn't normally stand out, you make them look extraordinary!
    And you know, at the end of the day, I really do believe in happy endings, too. :)
    And a good cure for misery is a quick trip abroad to see friends. :) One week!

  4. like fading candles in the quiet gloom, you replace them with fresh ones and they look so bright again.
    Love your daughters site (although I don't think her books are suitable for me ;-)

  5. you always find the most interesting graffiti.
    i think photography is hereditary, and it's also a highly contagious disease--i'd gotten the bug from several people, and passed it on to several more. :)

  6. You have the view for beautiful and interesting captures which are always covering to your short stories. Therefore I like your site so much. Very nice shot.

  7. I have enjoyed my visit at Mariekes' site. Admired her creative outlets! Everyone who is concerned with some kind of art encounters highs and lows. I hope it'll fade away completely Lynn.
    Sorry but Mariekes' literature is not really mine or my sons'.
    I love your Amsterdam views and the meaning of them!

  8. The Levenson quote is a gem. Purging the collected works of school texts was a difficult experience. So difficult that now, they are in boxes in my basement, waging a losing battle against dampness.
    In some ways, letting go of textbooks is a brave thing.
    (Your daughter's site is lovely.)