Monday, January 19, 2004

bird on a wire

her feet cramp, her toes curl, her arches clutch the cable.
a stubborn span of positive pride maintains her equilibrium, straightening her shoulders, supporting her outstretched arms.
her eyes fix on infinity. she does not look back, or aside, or down.
she doesn't dare.
the safety net has been pulled aside, and there is nothing to tautly, utterly, break her fall.


  1. Pannekoek! Giant, fluffy, and golden-brown. They can be your reward, they can be your safety net ;)

  2. Bird on a wire outside my window pane
    It's started to rain
    - Todd Rundgren, Boat On The Charles

  3. Isn't the plural of 'pannakoek' 'pannakoeken'?

  4. each time you find this great shortstories which give an image something of a visual dream!

  5. She has tried all her life to be free ... of course she dares! She does not need anything to break her fall - just someone to cushion her landing.

  6. "like a bird on a wire/ like a drunk in a midnight choir/ i have tried in my way to be free"
    thank you lynn, for conjuring leonard cohen:)