Monday, January 12, 2004

this, sublime

life smiles on me: sometimes, often.
i spent this afternoon - gambling on goodness, and trusting my intuition - walking and talking with one of the finest people i've met in a long time.
and i shared a belated birthday dinner, and warmth, and conversation with two of my favourite friends ever.
i was in time for my train.
i was in time for my bus.
as days go, i'd give it FIVE stars.


  1. If Razzi is as nice as his pictures, I can believe you had a great time. And as pictures go, I'd give this one just as many stars as your day. Very disorienting at first. I thought I saw two photographs on top of eachother, the perspectives seemed to clash. It took some time for the reality to get through.

  2. indeed a great image. at first sight it was a bit confusing but that's because of the contrasts in the colours.
    l'�ile d'amsterdam shines a bit less than a few years ago but i think getting this reality in a picture is one of the strong points of your photography!

  3. My brain tried to make the unfolding image into an icy canal ... all the more so when I saw it was a barge.

  4. Hey! That's red, white and blue! ;)

  5. blushing ;-) what an honour. and I think you definitely deserve to be called the 'little etoile d'Amsterdam'

  6. sounds like such a lovely day... hearing about other people's happy moments makes me happy - which makes me think that we should all run around telling each other how great the world can be (sometimes).