Thursday, January 15, 2004

perchance to dream

i'm feeling a wee bit spaced, and a wee bit fragmented. i've been up since 5:15 a.m, and my whole being is staging a sit-in...a sleep-in?
two stories are half-written; a hundred thoughts are half-expressed.
maybe i should just turn in.
sweet dreams.


  1. Sleep is a virtue for dreamers... :-)

  2. Good night Lynn, hope you'll feel nice and reassembled tomorrow.

  3. Sleeping is when some of my best thinking happens! I hope that clarity shines into your room in the morning to wake you with a gentle nudge.

  4. great expression in this image lynn, spiritual fragmentation... i hope by now you had a good rest and btw... even 'half-expressed' your thoughts are worth reading!
    saluti paul

  5. That looked like you performed an in-camera trick for a second. Very cool.

  6. I know that disconcerting feeling when the half-baked ideas start to pile up. Your image neatly captures the fragmentation of my mind at that time.