Thursday, January 8, 2004

a sheep in sheep's clothing

"hey YOU", he growled. he had the size and posture an american refrigerator, so i paused.
"what d'you think you're doing?"
"taking a picture."
"well", i said, "i saw that rusty container, and then that circle, with those primary colours, and the...."
"yeah right. you're not from the city council then?"
i glanced down at my tailored woollen coat and my pointy boots. when i visit hotels in some neighbourhoods, i tend to dress UP a bit, and as business-like as possible. i like to be clear about what i'm NOT doing strolling around that part of town. i forgave him his confusion.
"oh. okay then. a picture."
he stopped looking like he would relish tossing me headfirst into the rubbish bin, and started looking...mystified.
he may even have scratched his shaved and tattooed head in bewilderment.
i had already turned, and, tucking my camera into my pocket, moved on.


  1. I've encountered a couple similar experiences in my day. After reading your story, I believe the reason for the unpleasant reactions are usually due to a general misunderstanding of our motives and a fear of of being revealed somehow. At least I've concluded that in my cases.
    Oh... and nice primary and secondary colors!

  2. wow, that must have been an interesting experience... Cory and I tend to take pictures together (okay he takes pictures and I amuse myself by trying to jump into the frame when he's not paying attention). People look at us funny but I always figured that was in response to my ungraceful acrobatics as I hurl myself in front of the lense.

  3. oh, I do that because he use to never ever take a picture of me except at 6 in the morning when I have severe bed head and look rather grumpy.

  4. Hahaha! got a great laugh at your story. seems all of us have been in a situation like that at least once in out little 'photo excursions'. that when i started mastering the art of kungfu photography. nobody messes with me. sure, it's a camera, but it'a also a weapon. so watch ur a$$!!!

  5. nice color contrast vivid and rusty. in the situation like that, i always pretend i'm tourist. japanese + camera = tourist. :-)

  6. Hehe, I sure know what that's like. One too many close calls. Phew.

  7. The last several entries all focus on colour - and each lovely. Its nice to see, stuck in the doldrums of January. Thanks for brightening my day.

  8. i like this image because of the combination of the natural colours and then all at once the colours as they really are
    but what i like most of all in this post are the words, the way you tell this story...

  9. People always ask 'why?' - as if they think we know the answer ourselves.
    Maybe we should ask them the question: 'why not?'