Saturday, January 3, 2004

with stars and still

he will not look her way.
perhaps he fears that the vestiges of their connection will weaken his will. perhaps his eyes have, simply, nothing more to say.
and so he stands behind his insubstantial wall, coy and inconstant, like a child who covers his face with inadequate fingers, believing himself invisible, and - foolishly - beyond reproach.


  1. This is an amazingly disconcerting image, Lynn. I keep thinking the two dark blobs down the bottom are feet ... and then my brain cannot compose the image.
    For some reason I love this image ... blue has an instant attraction, doesn't it?

  2. i see exactly what you mean about the that you mention it.:-)
    but it's just graffiti. this fit that spooky face though (had me feeling spied upon on my earlymorning walk) or did the spooky face fit IT???

  3. The face and the graffiti complement each other remarkably well ... and also ... the antique look of the picture frame together with the modernity of "the face" ... incredibly complex.
    I love this!