Thursday, August 28, 2003

mind the gap

this is the curiousness of hinged things:
some, closing, cause anguish and annoyance.
others, opening, do the same.
and this is the curiousness of the days i set aside to get out and about with my camera:
they are always grey.


  1. Nice shot -- Holland has some fascinating bridges. My URL below points to one I found, also on a grey day. I wanted to get a shot of the unique way it opens, but when a boat finally came along to open it, it coincided with a huge but brief downpour.

  2. But the grey enables us to see into the shadow to the very point where the hinged becomes unhinged ...

  3. it probably does. sometimes i feel like splendid colour instead of muted tones. it was an observation, no more - a row of impatient cars, a sweep of tall-masted boats on the canal, an open bridge...and an unexpectedly dismal day.