Tuesday, August 26, 2003

pull up a seat

the interview game - here, then, are my questions-sent-onward:

for julie:
1. you have a clear affinity for holland and things dutch; how did this come about?
2. what scary thing lurked under your bed when you were a child?
3. pasta or risotto?
4. is there a colour you absolutely refuse to wear?
5. you are waiting for a train. where is it headed and what will you do when you arrive there?

for lana:
1. you are a traveller-cum-laude; which three souvenirs of recent journeys are most precious to you and why?
2. do you live to eat, or do you eat to live?
3. if you could be instantly qualified for any profession, which would it be?
4. who gave the best concert you've ever been to?
5. when you're on the road, what typical canadian things do you miss most?

for gimmy:
1. what do you consider to be your greatest virtue, and what your greatest vice?
2. if you could spend tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. you've landed in a restaurant where the chef cooks just what he wants to; what do you hope the surprise four-course meal will include?
4. which golden rule did you grow up with, and has it served you in good stead?
5. you are a writer; which award would please you more: an oscar for best screenplay, or a pulitzer for best novel?

for bran:
1. you're celebrating something; what's in your glass?
2. did you always want to be a mother, and did you discover that it came naturally?
3. is the love of your life also your best friend?
4. which song would be the theme of the movie made of your life story, and why?
5. roller coaster or ferris wheel?

have fun, and thank you all four! (the rules are re-readable a few entries back..)
oh! and i read, to my delight, over at jennifer's that tracey has once again organised an inspirational project: "connect 8", a photographic search for common factors through a series of eight images: whoever can resist a creative challenge?


  1. Got my answers up. Those were fabulous questions. 8)

  2. Mine are up too. Great questions!

  3. *sits on the small sofa*
    Ack, my butt got stuck.