Saturday, August 2, 2003

paths: diverged

sometimes, during our innocent hike through life, we lose track of the people we love. years ago, in paris, my pocket was picked, and the perpetrator made off with nothing more than a plump address book: worthless to him/her, but the greatest of losses to me. recently i wondered if maybe the internet might not be just the vehicle for finding misplaced friends.
so, once in a while, instead of pictures of canals and clogs, visitors to this site may encounter the scanned images of kindred spirits long-lost.
here is the first.
this is judith. judith ellis. she's the one on the right. i am - it follows - the one on the left. we are doused in the magic of the acropolis, years and years ago: 1977, to be exact.
we met in the post office in kifissia; we struck up a conversation; we became friends. she was an au-pair too, but she had a special passion: greek cooking. she spent all her free time hanging about the hearths in the local tavernas, taking notes, absorbing inspiration. (i still use the hand-written recipes she shared with me). she had an american-boyfriend-left-behind, and a greek-gardener-paramour called giorgios.
she was delightful, and unforgettable.
she came from santa cruz. she was one of the best people i've ever encountered. does anyone know her?
i would give the world to know how she is.


  1. she sounds wonderful. There is a judith ellis working at the university of California. Thats the best result google found for me.

  2. what a lovely entry. i spent time in greece with two very dear friends, one of which is still very close to me and the godmother to my five year old. the other friend, alas, has drifted away, i haven't heard from her in years.