Thursday, August 14, 2003

prescience, portrayed

looking back on years of doubt, she sees the blindfold that others saw, but were too polite to indicate. looking back on a lifetime of self-effacement, she sees the innocent foolishness of the veil before her eyes; and, looking back on an eternity of mischosen roads, she finally understands where the indecision, once upon a time, began, and where it ultimately ceased.
choices are an uncommon luxury for some, but, their consequences are, for all, almost impossible to foresee.


  1. Man, I wish there were doo-- hell COLORS--like that around here. Lovely.

  2. as are your exceptional galleries: inspiration! and your "salton sea" wallpaper still greets me every single morning...i never tire of it..

  3. Aww. so nice to hear that. Thanks!