Saturday, August 9, 2003

the three r's

there's nothing like the train for a fine day out with the little ones.
one can sink back into plastic, air-conditioned comfort, arrange one's newspapers, snacks, bits and pieces, and launch one's offspring into the wide world of the railway carriage. surely five dozen fellow passengers comprise the perfect childminder?
while one relaxes (and pretends that one is childless), one's smallfry can play tag - or hide&seek: even better - in the aisles; they can wipe their hands and their noses on any available textile; they can listen wide-eyed to any and every conversation, and then repeat it, verbatim and alta voce, to the amusement of few. they can exercise their vocal talents, send laptops flying, and watch longingly and greedily every mouthful enjoyed. it's a perfect start to a memorable family day out.
and when one's destination is announced, one can whistle or snap, gather the tots - exhausted from this grand release of early-morning energy - and get on with the excursion.
i am SO happy that school's back in on monday.


  1. tsk ... tsk ... tsk ... m'dear
    Thou hast an age-gap that is showing.

  2. Gosh, I did not realise that school went back so early. I don't think universities go back for another month, do they? So school terms in Europe differ from country to country. Sounds reasonable when I type it out - just not what I expected. Australia, like Canada, is so massive and yet our school terms are pretty much synchronised from state to state.