Sunday, August 3, 2003

thirteen times two

this was considered, very momentarily, for the "construction" part of the 26 things project, but when i got it into digital view, i realized that "destruction" was probably a better word.
no matter. we got there. you can see our month of july here.
or you can simply click on the link to the right.


  1. See that tower there ... when I was last in Rotterdam (March 2002) I took one of those bike tours of the city ... and from an architecturally modernistic building that was spiralled somehow ... apartments ... we looked out upon a tower like this ... tell me about the tower if you would ...

  2. julie: i'm working on an answer, i promise! i'll get back to you as soon as i have something informative to write...:-)

  3. 'Tis okay, Lynn. I be a very patient woman. How long have you lived in The Netherlands? Always in Amsterdam?
    I value the manner in which your shutter and your text helps me see differently and to also see different things in the image.
    'Tis quite a pleasure. Thank you.