Sunday, August 10, 2003

rip torn

in deterioration, in wear and tear, in the fraying of vulnerable edges, a story is revealed.
and in these layers of protest, seduction, and celebration lies the tale - colourful, and, above all, chronological: a collage of time's whims and beckonings, and a minor epic, spanning time and the irresistible temptations of city life.


  1. Now that is a perfect example of "Time." You should use it if you're doing the 26 things. Very cool.

  2. alas! already finished the 26! i just took this a few days ago: it's a shame there's not an ongoing theme-thing, don't you think???

  3. well, there is, of course, with the thursdays and the fridays...but i mean something just a bit different..

  4. that's really nice.
    and I agree... I really enjoyed doing 26things! should be more photo-projects :)