Monday, August 25, 2003

second time round

the rules of the interview game:
1. leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed (or send me an e-mail; i also have a few special people i will approach myself)
2. i will respond; i'll ask you five questions.
3. you'll update your website with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. you'll include this explanation.
5. you'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

a week ago, i received five questions from laura sina: excellent questions, but my emotional turmoil at that moment was so great that i wrote her and asked if i could please, alas, pass.
a few days ago, the lovely renee (her words&pictures are here just for now) sent me HER set of questions. i asked for a wee bit of time for my spirit to settle, and it has.
1. if you could be a man for a day, what would you do?
well. i deliberated and cogitated (รก la masterchef) and decided that there are no truly male things that i have always wanted to do or have resented being incapable of. my colleagues cried: "oh! you could pee standing up!" but that is not something that's always been on my wish-list. i like being what i am.
2. what words do you use for god?
i don't talk about him, or to him, out loud, to be honest. this kind of heavenly communication is generally a silent and intense one.
3. do you believe that time travel will ever be possible for humans?
i hope not. we can't even learn from our very real past. maybe we should work on that first.
4. how many languages do you speak & which do you think/dream in?
i speak three: english (canadian, eh!), dutch and french. my french is imperfect, but gets me by. i think and dream in both english and dutch. i had an operation once upon a time, about 15 years ago, and the surgeon informed me that i had - under anesthetic - rambled on in dutch. he was astounded. i talk to myself in both as well, to the disconcertion of many.
5. walk, bike, or drive?
walk, always. walk, walk, walk. i can't drive, no license. i do cycle - this is holland, after all - but city traffic panics me. i can stroll for hours, eyes and ears open, at any time of day and in any weather.

for posterity. we'll see.


  1. mmm ... okay ... please ask away ....

  2. i am deliberating..thank you both! i'll put them up tomorrow!