Saturday, August 2, 2003


i probably recited the following information at least two hundred times during the past week:
"the gay parade departs from the westerdok at 1400 hours, and proceeds via the korte prinsengracht along the entire length of the prinsengracht to the amstel river where it continues along the zwanenburgwal and the oudeschans to the oosterdok."
although i wasn't among the spectators today, i breathed a sigh of relieved solidarity at two o'clock when the sun shone strong and the rain stayed away. because many participants had professed a preference, this year, for loincloths and rainbow minimalism over extravagant feathers and weighty sequins, success hinged on agreeable weather.
but the boats glided under clear and appreciative skies - according to the reports - and the happening is still...happening.

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