Tuesday, December 26, 2006

a tisket, a tasket

my futile forage through the attic in search of errant christmas crackers uncovered
this: a photograph taken in 1974, at upper canada village, during an outing with my college photography class. it was shot with my first camera, a praktica LTL, and, although i probably cajoled a course-mate into developing the negatives (self-
confidence was not my strong point; the mere thought of doing something wrong and ruining my pictures terrified me), i remember printing it all-by-myself.
i might compose - or crop - it slightly differently these days, but contrast like this still fills me with delight, and makes me wish i could remember which film i used.


  1. Superb light and contrast. May all our baskets overflow :)

  2. It is a good composition.
    You got the window in making the picture far more interesting and attractive.

  3. have you made any changes to the site that would cause all of the images to be broken? i use mozilla, and i haven't had problems anywhere else.
    i miss watching your blog, awfully.

  4. (I use Mozilla, too, and I can see your images just fine.) Isn't it extraordinary to see the seeds that were planted in our youth? It literally took me decades...and it was long after I left the TV business...to one day suddenly recall that I'd taken a TV production class in college (in '73!) and had COMPLETELY forgotten about it. Apparently you've ALWAYS had a good eye. Hope your holidays are happy and relaxing, Lynn. xoxo

  5. That's really cool Lynn, only I'm having trouble with this Black and White stuff. Like I went into Boots with my first film and I said to this really old woman, she was like 30 at least, "I want black and white pictures please" and she gets all sniffy and says "but this is a colour film" so I say "I saw the end when I stuck it in the camera and it was brown". Didn't know what to say to that. no, They think they can treat you like dirt cos your 15 but I've got human rights.
    Chou! Amanda

  6. If you still have the negative, you might see wich film in was. Mostly it is printed on the side where the 'wholes' are.
    lovely picture Lynn, Caecilia

  7. I like high contrast; it is not for everything but sometimes manages to reduce complexity to its essential components. Are you doing B&Ws anymore?