Friday, December 15, 2006

into temptation

it was mid-afternoon when we arrived in cambridge, and we had just managed a short stroll and several frames of film before i - tsk! - got waylaid: by the sensuality of lush, by the nostalgia of marks and spencer, by the allure of next and monsoon.

we got back on track, eventually, but by then the day had dimmed, and the shutter speeds - as you can see - got slower and slower.
and slower.
taking a shopper like me into a city for a photo shoot is a risky undertaking indeed.


  1. Yet in a still moment amid the retail-mania an ordinary path becomes a beautiful zen garden!
    Which is rather apt, given the punt-load of waving Japanese schoolgirls who sailed by a few moments later!

  2. Ah, Marks & Sparks. Of course. The first idea I had when I saw the first photo was: ah, good for her, she neglected the rule of thirds. But then you didn't , it was just my interpretation, wasn't it. Damn, why are you so perfect? The first photo is maybe just a little unconventional, but good.
    Hey, I like the second as well. We must meet one of these years and shoot together. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you and just enjoy your company.
    You are one great woman photographer, Lynn.

  3. i heart lush and these fragrant fields of green are very lush as well ;-)