Saturday, December 16, 2006

against all odds

i mentioned this film - grungy old svemapan, expired almost 40 years ago - once before, and i may mention it again: i am so taken with its endurance of the decades.
in whimsical moments, i perceive these coils of celluloid as wise, wizened gentlemen, deemed done-for, disproving preconceptions and sell-by dates: they climb mountains, they swim seas and cycle into suburban sunsets.
in realistic moments, i know that i was just lucky - and am lucky, for there are two
more rolls waiting to surprise me.


  1. I love that adventurous side of you :-)
    I'm always eating stuff that is just over date, and my wife hates me for it.

  2. Nice work.
    I ocassionaly use 10-25 expired BW film. I use a lot of 1-3 years expired film on a regular basis.
    Expired slide should give a nice color shift especially if you cross process.

  3. I remember that place. Mom! Don't post pictures that make me homesick. Beautiful photo though.

  4. I also love the mood of this on; the long shadows, the black and white. Makes you feel nostalgic to days gone by...