Sunday, December 24, 2006

running the lights

believe it or not, it was august when i took this photograph: a sidestreet surprise on a sultry summer day. my bare arms - for i am very vaguely visible - betray the season.
i remember thinking, then, of christmas, and how far away it seemed.
and now it's here.


  1. Hi! I followed your link from Rangefinder Forum and I think these pictures are just So Cool! Dads is hinting there's a camera in my stocking tomorrow and you're really inspiring me! I mainly want to do piccies of horses though! Its great to see girls kickin with cameras!
    Chou! Amanda

  2. Indeed surprising to find such a scene in August. Here in Brugge, the capital City of our province, we have a Christmas store that is open all year. Great stuff! Merry Christmas.

  3. Love this one. I wish I could take pictures like this.
    Great ambient.