Thursday, December 21, 2006

like the first morning

a few months back, i sat beside a man, a colleague, for an hour or two.
he was tough, and gruff, and very nice; he had a dozen tattoos.
he coughed a lot.
today, he died, 50 years old.
for many, this christmas will be rough, and raw with loss.
my heart goes out.


  1. Sorry for your loss Lynn. In one or other way, we're sadly familiar with episodes like this one :(
    Beautiful scene, you know that empty beaches have become something for my mind to refuge in.

  2. Oh, so sad. Beautiful shot of those bike racks...and it seems all the more poignant now that I've read your post.

  3. Know what you mean.
    50 is no age to die, of course.
    Love the beach!

  4. As always, the mood of the photo matches your story. Sad...