Thursday, December 14, 2006

where the heart is

this house of ours needs a name, rather like snuggly toys need names, although my daughter has always called her beloved little bear "bear", and i'm not sure that "house" would be the most inspiring choice for a one-hundred-year-old-former-post-office in broek op langedijk.
"you could always call it 'dunroamin'", chortled my english companion as we strolled the southwold seafront, where the beach huts glow with a unique individuality. his irony escaped me, for what do i know of british banality and cliché?
i'm perplexed.
"finally!", perhaps?


  1. I love the composition of the first photo. What are these? Polaroids? Or did you merely want to create this effect?
    Reminds me of some photo's I took a while ago, but the colours on the beach houses weren't that nice or inventive.

  2. these were taken with my �4 polaroid spirit and 600 film (i always note the camera in a mouse-over, but not everyone can see it, i gather). i don't much go in for effects. :-)
    the huts on the left had already been moved to the parking lot for the winter; the ones on the right were waiting their turn.

  3. oh they are so cute and beautifully colourful :)
    i've been trying to name our house and have come up empty though sweet home boring as it is, is all we seem to call it ... but its a young sixty with forties charm ... a hundred year old former post office sounds oh so cool and in definite need of something utterly charming ...
    i love dunroamin ~ hee hee

  4. Why not: "Het Oude Postkantoor". It will make people imagining how the house may have looked in a slower time.
    I love your photos.

  5. I don't really know what to say, other than lovely images ! I'm specially called by the second one, I guess with time I've turned into a sea lover, yuk !