Saturday, December 9, 2006

sweet sweet music

sometimes, camera poised, composing, coaxing an image into clarity, i am conscious of a melody, a lyric: what i hear by what i see, and feel - the soundtrack of my own perception.
this past september, on the blustery blackpool pier, i saw the sign, the building, and the sky. i loved the colours; i lined up the verticals, and, metering, hummed, "just before our love got lost, you said: i am as constant as a northern star, and i said: 'constantly in the darkness, where's that at? if you want me, i'll be in the bar'.."
the lovely joni.
somehow one never forgets the soundtrack of one's younger years.


  1. Love the delicate contrast of the blue of the construction with the blue of the sky.

  2. I had never realised how warm blue can be!

  3. "On the back of a cartoon coaster, in the blue tv screen light, I drew a map of Canada... oh Canada..."
    One of my favourite songs... Joni is a dream.

  4. The matching blue...!
    And the other two primary colours!
    Great find Lynn.

  5. One of the very nice things of photography, words, music, is that one never knows how much good they can do.
    In this very just moment, they did much good to me.
    Thank you Lynn.