Friday, December 29, 2006

roses are reddish

my lovely daughter, in an impulsive attempt to help me over one of the halfway hurdles, promised: if i made it through my planned month of thirty-one postings, she would update her own website every single day in january.
bless her.
it will be better than a daily bunch of blossoms, a whole month long.


  1. wow ... i remember her photoblog way back when before she closed it and had no idea she was your daughter ...
    what a great challenge she gave you and i know i have enjoyed your month of beauty and will have to check out her month as well ...

  2. You should keep on doing this, I'm enjoying it. Went to have a look at you girl's Flickr, she has some good stuff on there. Loved the Paris photos, I spent six months there myself last year, you may remember.
    Like the roses.

  3. I too have been enjoying your daily postings, Lynn. I know how a full time job can eat away at the time and attention needed for keeping a blog.

  4. Well that IS good news! And look at you--you've kept it up! ;) Happy New Year, friend. xoxo