Sunday, December 10, 2006

or what you will

we selected our tree today, and, as i sorted bluespruce finery and untangled knots of fairy lights, i realised that the picture i featured here last christmas is the one-and-only digital image that i have posted in the past year.
a festive house fills me with joy.
and - oh, my, yes - so does film.


  1. haha, I love that: 'so does film'.
    Cool shot, love the side wall.

  2. film? do they still make that stuff? heehee...just kidding...

  3. These have ALL been FILM photos?! Good lord, woman, you rock even harder than I already thought you did!! :)

  4. i've got a swack of film being processed (apparently, the last place in this fair city to processess black and white now sends them out for processing so the wait time is even looonger, sigh ~ sorry my sadness rant)
    i love love love this photo, the melding of colour and variety of texture is glorious!

  5. Love the sad tree propped so neatly in the corner, as if someone didn't neglect it totally. They thought enough of it to make sure it was slightly comfortable.