Saturday, December 30, 2006

let it rain

"after rain comes rained. look in the dictionary."
- loesje (dutch fictional "philosopher", b.1983)

i confess: i cross my fingers for inclement weather as new year's eve creeps closer.
cacophany is not my cup of tea.


  1. There is such power in this picture. The curve and momentum of seedlings, bursting into life: The mysterious arc of the disappearing road. And that unique battle of light that touches only storms, where brilliance and darkness somehow merge. A wonderful image!

  2. Wow, that sky looks really heavy. Laden with water.
    Such a simple shot, but yet bearing such a message. A storm is brewing here. The wind is whitstling outside.
    Keep it up, Lynn, keep it up!

  3. Lynn, great exposure! i love this set of colours , and linear comp! Wow.. when's my 8x10 coming?