Monday, August 20, 2007

accustomed to its face

for the longest time, amsterdams centraal station was where my working day began
and ended, a beacon in my daily routine. its busy familiarity buoyed me, and filled
me, somehow, with a feeling of simply belonging.
i assumed that the airport would never affect my senses in the same way, but a few
days back, approaching at dawn, i found myself sighing at the sight of the tower and the terminals and the sheen of the big machines.
it's taken almost two years, but better late than never.
as they say.


  1. 2 years is indeed a while.
    I always find it hard to consider airports as romantic as railway stations. Maybe it is that.

  2. this is so beautiful ... i love all the wet reflective details ...

  3. Never leave on a train without your suitcase of dreams...
    Nice atmospherical shot of this well-known place.