Monday, August 13, 2007

by the window and wonders

it was undeniably a sweet camera - seriously sweet - but it was downright ornery. it thwarted me from the word "go".
bits didn't fit, and when the bits were finagled into fitting, they fell off in a huff of ferocious ennui. every single crack and crevice obliged the lurking light. endless swathings in black tape proved futile. film refused to roll tightly, when it allowed itself to be forwarded.
the lab refused to print the negs.
i was undeniably a failure.
(aside: a few worked. true photogenicity - amsterdam! - overcomes all odds.)
i have always admired the photographers who work magic with toy cameras - like heather and lala, and the people at filmwasters - but my respect knows no bounds since my own - ahem - endeavor.


  1. nice entry today! nice mood! mmm ... makes me want to fly to Europe !

  2. Beautiful, very 50's! Clearly shows one of the main reasons for still using an analog camera.

  3. This is great, looks like a Diana or one of her clones!