Thursday, August 30, 2007

my lessons well

the great wall negatives are plump squares, with soft, sweet edges.
the minolta autocord negatives trail pretty triangular tails in their lower right-
hand corners.
the bronica negatives slide, in two sprightly half moons, off the celluloid; the yashica mat negatives dangle, from diffident, delicate threads.
i have learned many things from this month of six-by-six's. most concern my limited self-discipline and my diminished ability to deal with deadlines....
but i have also learned to identify my exposed film in a single glance.
i am pleased.


  1. That top picture is absolutely staggering!

  2. It pleases me that you are pleased.

  3. you should be pleased ... these are amazing, stunning really ...

  4. I know nothing about photography but these simply take my breath away. I would like the first one, framed, for my next birthday, please?
    love - mom xxx

  5. can't please ev'ryone
    so you gotta
    please yourself
    happy birthday in 6 1/2 hours

  6. Lynn, both delightful but the top one is outstanding! great depth of field...feels like winter.

  7. I absolutely love the top picture! Great use of depth of field and the colour is wonderful. The square format is indeed wonderful, I'd almost forgotten about it.