Saturday, August 11, 2007

greater expectations

an old house is a grand, and frustrating undertaking; it needs endless - and tiresome - reconstructive surgery before the cosmetic nips-and-tucks can even begin.
i am sure that (some sweet day) my dreams - oak floor, fireplace, shutters, beams - will come true, but, for now, all we seem to tackle is the necessary and the invisible: window frames, ventilation, exterior brick.
the aesthetically-inclined-perfectionist-interior-designer-me is on total tenterhooks.
the practical-and-long-suffering-me simply sighs.
patience is...


  1. i really love your work these last days, i think you have really done a wonderful job. i'll come back every day. love sander

  2. I can understand you totally. I've been working on my house since 1991.
    Good perspective in the photo.

  3. The same goes for me, since 1988. It is tyring and expensive but very rewarding in the end.