Sunday, August 26, 2007

on an old golden rule

"most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine"
- henry ward beecher (liberal u.s. congregational minister, 1813-1887)

i wonder, sometimes - doesn't everyone? - what it's all about, and i wonder it more - doesn't everyone? - during complicated days like today, when life flounders more than
it floats.
a thought, a pretty picture: it's all i can muster, for now.


  1. Oh Lynn. I know exactly what you mean. Like the other day I was in Knightsbridge and it started raining and suddenly my hair was like DESTROYED and I stood in this doorway blubbing like crazy and I just thought "Why? Why?". Then, I turned round and in the window opposite were these fabulous Jimmy Choos I'd looked for EVERYWHERE.
    So you see girl, there is a reason!
    Chow, MandsXXXXX

  2. Yeah. RIGHT. :-)
    I feel a WHOLE lot better now.

  3. A pretty picture is always nice.

  4. you've just made my day a whole lot better with that symphony of shadows -
    your mom

  5. Lynn, I'm really glad I made you feel better. I think its like a gift I have, a lot like Princess Di only less 80s of course. Vikky and I went to Madame Sasha at Chelsea Market who is like this really old Gypsy and she said I was a natural psychotic.
    Your Mom - "Who is Jimmy Choo?" - You need some serious shopping sister!
    Chow, MandsXXXXXXX

  6. the photo made me gasp with delight, the thoughts made me sigh and the comments made me giggle gleefully. wow ~ this post has been an emotional rollercoaster ;-) xox