Sunday, August 5, 2007

over sleepy garden walls

"dreams are the subtle dower/ that make us rich an hour/ then fling us poor/ out of the purple door."
-emily dickinson (american poet, 1830-1886)

i'm still getting the hang of scanning my own negatives (or positives: expired provia, in this case) and i suppose i could maneuver away the mauveness in this image if i really really tried, and if i really really wanted to.
but i won't.
and i don't.


  1. You don't have to as far as I'm concerned ;-)

  2. I really like this image, Lynn!

  3. Hi Lynn, just catching up on your last few posts. Lovely images, as always. Enjoy that new camera!

  4. Thanks for bringing back that wonderful, dreamy song "Deep Purple" to me. You have really worked hard these past days. I wonder where you even find time to do these wonderful translations for my blog.