Wednesday, August 29, 2007

they linger in the twilight

between his work, and my work, and this-old-house-which-needs-so-much-work, there has been little time for sunday drives lately, little time for strolls along windy dikes, for my beloved old cameras, for sunny-sixteen.
there has been no time at all - either - for late-afternoon glasses of wine and broodjes kroket at the oude taveerne in durgerdam.
memories must make do, for now.


  1. not to worry. you will have an experienced builder/painter/possibly landscaper in your house in a few months. Will work for mozzarella cheese and to repay for all send packages to Canada.

  2. Thank God we still have our memories in times like that.
    This is a top imagen Lynn.

  3. Lynn, my wife and I had our first holiday in 2 years... it was a whole week! Not enough. Time flies. All I can say is carpe diem!