Thursday, August 9, 2007

(k)nittles and (k)nettles

plunk me down in a coastal town - preferably a windswept-tidal-blubber-beached-boats kind of town - cumber me with favourite cameras, and i am as content as i can possibly be.
seaworthy subjects, needless to say, swell my archives.
of those, this is the first of the august bunch - final shot on the roll, yes indeed, how'd you guess? - but i doubt it will be the last.


  1. You nailed this one Lynn..lovely shot!

  2. This is beautiful, Lynn.
    The vessel, the sky, the beach... Just perfect.

  3. A wonderful photo indeed!
    I am glad you are posting again, and commenting. You still make little pearls of literature with your photos Keep it up, please.

  4. poor old boat! he needs some water under its hull!