Wednesday, August 22, 2007

even in paradise

all these travelling souls - phil to crete, daisies to victoria, b.c., amanda to boston,
rachel to ghent (which is just down the road, but i've never been there, so it's exotic to me.) - oh, my:
my feet itch.
so i book my october flight to london stansted (i love easyjet) and suddenly norfolk, and incomparable landscapes like this, and the company of my favourite friend, are within reach.
i promised peter at least one lopsided horizon. this qualifies.


  1. Did you promise me a lopsided? Cannot remember
    Whenever you want to visit Ghent: you just let me know. I'll show you Ghent. Love the place. My boss is retiring, we're partying with him in Ghent next week.

  2. This is lovely Lynn, I have never been to Norfolk, odd how we ignore that which is closest

  3. yay for october flights to london ~ it is on my ever growing list of somedays :)