Tuesday, August 21, 2007

weak as it speaks

this is very apt.
it is awkward and off-kilter**, bright and ebullient despite its crookedness, clearly - and completely - stuck for words.
**i do apologise. i am compulsive about composition, but it was pouring, there, that may day, along the road to peggy's cove, and i dislike exposing my cameras - especially the ones with waist-high finders, for some reason - to miserable weather. i rushed.


  1. Oh this is a brave old sign, battered out of better days but pointing to the brightness.
    There is a strange heroism about broken things....

  2. Looks ok to me this photo, I couldn't tell that you had rushed.

  3. I love this Lynn...looks like an animal and I'm with the others no sign of a rushed shot! I guess the thing is you know you rushed.