Tuesday, August 14, 2007

and it's closing time again

i have never considered myself a morning person, but i know this:
i would rather wake up a fortnight long at 4 a.m. than work just a single latelatelate shift.
my colleagues - each and every one - are aware of this. we switch and barter. the party animals get to sleep in, and brunch, and i get to avoid the distress of that final train from amsterdam and the contrition caused by a husband losing sleep to spirit me home safely from the station.
tomorrow - two poor souls off sick and the aforementioned party animals all off together to an ajax match - i suddenly have no choice.
i shall shut my eyes and think of england (norfolk, undoubtedly) and be thankful, at least, for the blessing, tomorrow night, of fine - even effervescent - company.


  1. mmm ... shut your eyes and think of England.... where did I hear that before?
    A beautiful blue sky!

  2. I should go back there.
    It has been since 2005. But then I hope to be going next year.

  3. Oh that miraculous blue! This is wondrous indeed :)

  4. argh, not a morning person either! not even a night person ... i just need sleep ... cool pic ....