Saturday, August 4, 2007

the eyes have it

the seller and i had agreed: i would run a test roll through the camera, and, should it disappoint, i would hustle it back to leidschendam, and my euros would be refunded.
two weeks later, though, i had encountered little more inspiring than the hydrangeas in my back garden, so i nudged my lovely - and sublimely photogenic - young colleague saskia down to the end of the corridor, and shot the eight remaining frames in half as many minutes.
sas can't take a poor picture (as they say) but i have been known - tsk - to buy a poor camera.
not often, though.
and definitely not this time.


  1. Can you please nudge Saskia over my way?

  2. cool portrait ... ! love the B&W tones

  3. Pray tell, what kind of camera is this? I'm feeling antsy for square photos, and I'd like a camera that I can focus reliably, unlike my Holga;)

  4. @renee: this camera is a rolleicord vb, purchased recently on a dutch market/auction site. the other square images are from a great wall df-2 and a minolta autocord, both of which i've had for ages.....the latter has the nicest, clearest focussing screen of all my camera's!